Integrity is rooted in the bedrock of our character. The willingness to be disciplined when others choose to be soft in character demonstrates our bravery in the face of uncertainty and adversity.

"When we practice honorable character, we are honorable in character."

Our Core Values are Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These beliefs are bright guideposts for model male behavior.

Our consistent positive contribution to a goal, individual or team, shapes these values and builds resilience in honorable character. When we practice honorable character, we are honorable in character.

our values


Honor is the bedrock of our character. At Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu, you, your family, and your home will be treated with the utmost of dignity and respect. When you are a client with SCMJJ, you are valued. Our professionalism is of the utmost importance, as you deserve the highest quality professional jiu jitsu instruction.


Beginning your jiu jitsu journey requires taking that first step. Advancing in the face of fear is what sets apart the jiu jitsu practitioner from the rest of the pack. At Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu, we recognize the fortitude it requires to step off on a path of uncertainty. We understand the strength it takes to walk onto the mats for the first time, or after a long layoff. SCMJJ guarantees our training and offers the safest training dojo, your home! 


Honor sets the foundation for the path, Courage provides the first step on that path, and Commitment is the action that keeps us on the path. Committing to a jiu jitsu journey requires discipline of the mind, body, and spirit. Martial arts, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, force you to nurture your body, your mind, and your soul. Jiu jitsu is an emotional investment in yourself because humility breeds confidence. You know what committing to a goal requires. You are a professional who has done this your whole life. Now it is time to reinvest in yourself with Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu.

meet our FOUNDER

Michael Cragholm

Founder, USMC Retired

Marine infantrymen spend hours upon hours ground-fighting. Add on the thousands of hours grappling that is required for a jiu jitsu black belt, and you have a fully qualified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teacher. But what sets Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu apart? 

When you train with our teacher, you are not a customer, you are a client. The teacher will always train ‘just at, just below, or just above’ the level of the client. Anything that strays outside of that ‘safety zone’ does not meet criteria for that client’s particular curriculum. We do not ‘cookie-cut’ our program, and we are not ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Each client receives personalized private instruction from an attentive, detail-oriented, unrushed teacher. 

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