Mobile Jiu Jitsu: Is That a Thing?

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Mobile Jiu Jitsu Comes to the Space Coast

As of National Purple Heart Day 2023, the concept of a mobile jiu jitsu academy became reality. Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu, LLC was founded on 7 August 2023 and is the first limited liability company of its kind. Short answer – yes, it is.

The idea came to me after a ‘garage roll’ with a local purple belt. His garage is air conditioned, which is a godsend, considering rolling in the Florida summer can get stuffy. For years I have thrown my two portable wrestling mats into the back of my Yukon, grabbed my jiu jitsu and muay thai kit, and driven to a friend’s house to train. It is always a good time and we can manage the level of intensity as the group is usually small and friendly. Sometimes people even meet just after four o’clock to roll. 

After wiping down the mats with a few bleach wipes and some clean towels, I rolled them up and started carrying them underarm to my Yukon. The whole time my friend was saying, “How cool is it that I have a black belt retired Marine that comes to my house with mats and an entire fight kit? He trains me for 75 minutes, then cleans up and takes everything and leaves. All the while, I’m fifteen feet from my own shower, and I’m going to have the best night of sleep I’ve had in months!” As I shut the trunk of my Yukon I saw my reflection in the window and said to myself, “There is something here.” 

I drove straight home, registered on the Florida Secretary of State’s website as an LLC (out the door with all the certificates ~ $160) and then immediately registered an Employment Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS. Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu, LLC was born. 

The Birth of SCMJJ

After retiring from the Marines, I moved my family to Melbourne Beach along the Florida’s central east coast, known as the Space Coast (321 area code, and Brevard County). I received my black belt on D-Day 2022 and am qualified and certified to teach jiu jitsu up to the rank of black belt. I attended some local schools in the Space Coast but never felt at home. I felt it in my heart that I belonged up front teaching, and not in line drilling. I still drill and always will, I just knew that instruction was where my heart lay, and not in, “fighting to make a name for myself as a black belt.”

With several nagging injuries that required time off, I finally capitulated and took a jiu jitsu ‘hiatus.’ I felt bad because I joined a local dojo and lasted only a couple months. The owner is now a friend as he was kind to my daughters and me. Relationships are fundamental to jiu jitsu, and a great reputation as a kind person capable of great violence is one you find often in the small circles of jiu jitsu. 

I experienced all the normal emotions associated with a man who ‘loses his tribe’ aka the Marine Corps. I developed a lack of meaning and purpose. I applied for many positions in corporate America and received small and promising attention. Yet, it was when I had my ‘mobile jiu jitsu lightbulb moment’ that I knew all avenues in my life had led me to entrepreneurship. Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu, the first limited liability company of its kind, was born on 7 August 2023, National Purple Heart Day.

Help Us Grow SCMJJ

The mobile jiu jitsu business model offers the jiu jitsu black belt an opportunity to make a living off a craft that until today required significant overhead investment. Think about the dojo lease, gear, cleaning supplies, website, insurance…the list goes on and that lease WILL be expensive. Mobile jiu jitsu offers the black belt an opportunity to train people in the luxury of their own homes as opposed to the back of a strip mall. 

Mobile jiu jitsu also offers the middle-aged working professional the chance to learn what many of our great thinkers praise as their superhuman power: jiu jitsu. Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu is a pioneer in the martial arts community, serving as the first mobile jiu jitsu LLC in America. Licensed, insured, and qualified, Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu boasts the local black belt with an unmatched pedigree in combat. Call 321-477-4504 or email to learn more about how you can start the jiu jitsu dojo of your dreams, all with minimal overhead!

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