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Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu is the only private Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction that comes to you, on your time. Bringing premier BJJ instruction to premier professionals.

The Power of In-Home jiu jitsu Instruction


Expert Instruction

Led by BJJ Black Belt and retired USMC Major Michael Cragholm, Michael brings an extensive knowledge of BJJ, combatives, and fitness.


At Your Convenience

One-on-one training that comes to you, on your schedule. Maximize your time with SCMJJ!


Clients not Customers

Training that is tailored to your needs, your timeline, and your progress. You’ll learn at your pace, and see results faster.

SCMJJ Core Services

SCMJJ is committed to helping working professionals prioritize their health and well being, and regain confidence and strength through elite, private BJJ training in the comfort and convenience of their home. Rooted in integrity, our training is centered around the values of honor, courage, and commitment.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Muay Thai kickboxing

The SCMJJ Difference

Premier Private Jiu Jitsu Instruction for the Premier Working Professional

Are you a working professional feeling bogged down by the weight of day-to-day responsibility? 

Feeling like you have put yourself and your mental and physical health on the backburner for too long?

Space Coast Mobile Jiu Jitsu was designed with the working professional in mind, bringing premier, personal BJJ training and fitness directly to your door, on your time.

No dojo ego’s, overzealous training partners, or inconvenient gym hours. Just the best one-on-one BJJ training, catered to your needs, schedule, location, and progress.



Pride & Purpose

SCMJJ firmly believes that BJJ offers so much more than just “self defense”. Training BJJ develops mental fortitude, discipline, flexibility, strength, and confidence. We aim to restore a sense of pride and purpose in our lives.

We serve the niche of premier professionals/dads/husbands who until now have not had the time or access to train; who want to improve their health and well being with us, on your time, at your convenience.

Years of

Our founder’s resume speaks for itself: retired US Marine Infantryman, BJJ Black Belt, Purple Heart recipient, Combat Valor award recipient, holds a Master’s degree, and is a father and husband. 

Bigger than the resume is that we understand the challenges of managing our health, fitness, and mental well being while juggling a high performance career and the responsibilities of being a man.

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